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     Before you list your home have it inspected.  Owners are honest about the condition of their home but are surprised to find out that there are issues they never suspected.  Think about it- When was the last time you walked on your roof to inspect its condition?  Factors such as weather or normal wear and tear can compromise the components of a home and its sale.  Let me help you prepare for the sale of your home by eliminating potential surprises that the buyer or their inspector may find.

Benefits of a pre-listing home inspection include: 

·It notifies you to urgent safety issues before others tour your home.
·It gives you time to make repairs or get quotes without making a hasty or expensive decision because of a time limitations
·Some repairs can be marketed as “upgrades” and in-turn increase your asking price
·Defects won’t become negotiating stumbling blocks later.
·It helps you to price your home realistically and set your future budgeting plans
·Reduce stress due to unknowns- What is the buyers inspector going to report? What repairs will they request? What are the costs of those repairs? How long will the repairs take? Will the buyer even be satisfied with the repairs?

No need to call others. 
Our prices are fair and posted!

Up to 2000sf .............$325

2001sf.-2500sf .........$350

2501sf.-3000sf .........$375

3001sf.-3500sf ........$400

3501sf.-4500sf .........$450

Military and Law Enforcement Discounts  Available

Preparing for a home inspection and what to expect

·Allow adequate time for the inspection- depending on the size of the home or any additional services it can take between 2.5 and 4 hours

·Be sure the inspector will have access to areas behind locked doors, crawlspaces, garages and attics
·Be sure to clear areas from around the water heater, heating and air conditioning system, electrical panels, water meters and gas meters

·Have certificates or permits for any repair or remodel work

Reagan said-

                       "Trust, But Verify"

Similarly we say-

         "Inspect What You Expect"

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