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     Thank you for visiting and considering Tex-Ace Inspect for your home inspection needs.  We are here because we know first-hand how buying a home can sometimes be stressful.  The home buying process already involves so much confusing terminology, numbers, paperwork and ups and downs, so why have the home inspection process be more of the same.

     Our mission is to treat you and your inspection with the utmost honesty and integrity.  We will give you a report complete with detailed narratives of any issues found, high-resolution photos and videos and what next steps should be taken.  We won't be satisfied until you are completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the home inspection just let us know before you receive your report and you owe nothing.    

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Reagan said-

                       "Trust, But Verify"

Similarly we say-

         "Inspect What You Expect"

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